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Since 1985, promoting excellence in education in New Jersey

The Thrill of Sport, The Rewards of Knowledge

About the Academic Decathlon 
The Academic Decathlon is a series of interscholastic competitions for high school teams nationwide. The Decathlon encourages, recognizes and rewards academic effort and excellence. 

Itís All Teamwork 
The Decathlon tests knowledge and academic skills - but isnít just for the class genius. One of the unique features of the Decathlon is that each team represents a range of achievement levels. The team consists of three students who have "A" averages, three with "B" averages and three with "C" averages. To prepare for competition, the team members begin working and studying together early in the fall. On competition day, all nine team members take the same tests, participate in the same events, and are judged by the same criteria. The teamís final score depends on the performances of ALL its members. 

The Lineup
The Decathlon competition consists of the following 11 events: 

  • Seven written, multiple-choice tests (mathematics, science, music, social science, economics, literature, and fine arts) 
  • Speech (prepared and impromptu) 
  • Written essay 
  • Interview by a panel of business persons 
  • Super Quiz (the only public portion - a truly exciting climax to the day-long competition) 

State and National Competition 
Three regional competitions are held New Jersey in late January or February. The regional winners take part in the State Decathlon about a month later. The highest scoring team represents New Jersey at the United States Academic Decathlon. Other high scoring teams can compete in national online competition.

The New Jersey Experience 
High schools in New Jersey have been participating in the Academic Decathlon for more than 30 years. Newcomers are welcomed each year. 

The Funding Process 
ADNJ is supported through registration fees paid by participating high schools and corporate contributions. We are grateful for the support of our friends in business and industry who make education a high priority.

Need Information? 
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