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The Academic Decathlon needs your assistance. The Academic Decathlon strives to stimulate high school students intellectually and to recognize scholastic achievement. We are depending on a variety of people in the community to help promote academics among our high school students by helping on   See the possible volunteer tasks

  • Saturday, Region I & II - February 4, 2017 -- Ramapo HS
  • Saturday, Region III - February 4, 2017  -- Clifton


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Date & Location :  -- Ramapo HS
-- Woodrow Wilson Middle School - Clifton, NJ
State Competition - March 4 - - Ramapo HS
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If you choose more than 1 location at the Regionals, we'll assign you where you are needed.
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All Purpose Volunteer
Interview Judge 
Speech Judge 
Essay Judge
Testroom Proctor
Super Quiz Proctor
The Steering Committee will make every effort to acknowledge your area of preference during the scheduling process. You will be notified of your assignment prior to the competition dates.
Please mark the date of the Decathlon Competition on your calendar now!!

Please indicate in numbers your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices as a volunteer in the categories outlined below. Use checks only if you have no preferences. Orientation/Training programs will take place prior to performing your role.
Time requirements and schedule

ALL PURPOSE VOLUNTEER - Assist in any of the below categories depending on need. back to form

INTERVIEW JUDGE – Serve on a panel of two or three judges to interview participating students.  back to form

Topics will include each student’s school activities, future plans, interests, etc. You will evaluate students according to specific guidelines. back to form

SPEECH JUDGE – Serve on a panel of two or three judges to evaluate prepared and impromptu speeches by participating students. You will grade each student according to specific observations. back to form

ESSAY JUDGE - Read and evaluate student essays using our rubric.  back to form

TEST ROOM PROCTOR - Supervise testing, read instructions, etc.  back to form

SUPER QUIZ PROCTOR - Supervise a school team and score them following specific instructions.  back to form

All volunteers are provided lunch on the day of the competition.